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Shoulder Arthritis
Shoulder Joint can be affected by Arthritis just like any joints around the body. The most common form of shoulder arthritis is Osteoarthritis (Wear and Tear) followed by Rheumatoid arthritis. Patient is complaining of pain of the shoulder in movement, stiffness and a feeling of grinding or catching within the joint. Night pain is common and sleeping may be difficult.

A physical examination and X-rays are needed to diagnose arthritis of the shoulder. Further tests including scans may be required later on.

The lines of treatments of shoulder arthritis are similar to any joint Arthritis. Non-operative options include pain killers, anti-inflammatory tablets, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and joint injection. Back...

If non-operative treatments fails and the symptoms are bad enough, then the operative treatment will be discussed with the patient. There are few surgical options:

1. Arthroscopic (keyhole) Surgery.

2. Shoulder re-surfacing replacement; this when only the “surface” of the ball (humeral head) of the shoulder joint is replaced.

3. Shoulder Hemi-arthroplasty: this is to replace half of the shoulder joint (only the whole humeral head).

4. Total Shoulder Replacement: In this operation, both the ball (humeral head) as well as the socket (Glenoid) are replaced.

5. Reverse Shoulder Replacement: This operation is required for certain specific indication of shoulder arthritis. Again both the ball and socket are replaced but with different technique.

Mr Ayoub will take you though the treatment options which are
suitable to your condition of shoulder arthritis. An ample time will be provided to discuss thoroughly the treatment of choice before proceeding any further. Back...

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