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General Information

Out-patient Consultation
Mr Khalid Ayoub is holding two private clinics in Glasgow; one at Ross Hall Hospital in Crookston, and another at Nuffield Hospital near Great Western Road. So, your consultation with him will be arranged at the most convenient time and place for you. He can usually see you within a few days from your initial referral.

In the majority of patients, Mr. Ayoub is able to give the diagnosis of the problem in the first consultation, which takes approximately 30 minutes. However you may need to set a side at least 60 minutes in you diary for your visit to the hospital, just in case you have been asked to undergo some tests on that day. He will give you a full explanation about the condition using different display tools (showing you the x-ray, plastic models of the joint, sketches/diagram, etc). Then, he will discuss the Pros & Cons of various treatment options for your condition. All other aspect of you (work, sport, lifestyle, expectations, family and social commitments, etc) will be considered, if you wish, in this process. There will be an ample time in a relaxed environment to make an informed consent about the best course of action. During the same visit and as indicated, Mr. Khalid Ayoub may be able to administer some minor treatment (like injection, plaster application and removal, etc).

Mr. Ayoub will not hesitate to summon for further help and advice from any other Consultant/Specialist if it is needed medically and after your consent.

Diagnostic Services
Frequently, further investigation and tests are required to help Mr. Khalid Ayoub to reach the diagnosis of your problem. There is a variety of such tests available to our disposal like blood test, X-rays, Ultrasound scan, CT scan, MRI scan, Bone scan and Nerve Conduction tests. It is usual for these tests to be performed within several days from the request. The test will be interpreted and reported by a Consultant Radiologist and/or Nerve Specialist. Subsequently, the result of the test will be explained to you by Mr. Khalid Ayoub in a clear and informative way.
Further detailed information specific to any of these tests (e.g. when to have it, how much it costs etc) can be obtained directly from the relevant hospital

Scheduled Operation
In the occasion when surgical operation is needed and agreed upon, this usually can be booked within 7-10 days, subject to availability. You will be given the specific date and time of the operation as well as all other information of how to prepare yourself for it (e.g. when to fast from drink and food, your regular medication, etc). On medical ground, sometimes we may need to run some tests and to discuss our condition with the Anaesthetist to check up your fitness for the operation in advance of the scheduled surgery. This is to safeguard your safety as it is a paramount importance to Mr. Ayoub’s team. Any concerns and questions will be fully discussed and addressed with you before proceeding to the operation.

Care After the Operation
Shortly following the operation, Mr. Ayoub will explain how the procedure went and what you are supposed to do afterward.

You will be usually visited by a Physiotherapist after the operation in the hospital. He/she will give you the necessary instructions on how to protect the operated limb (the use of arm sling, bandage and splint) as well as to start immediately the recovery and rehabilitation phase of this particular operation, according to Mr. Ayoubs programme. In the case of leg operation, the Physiotherapist will assess your walking ability and weight bearing status before you can go home. As needed, an out-patient physiotherapy appointment would be arranged for you

Further advices and information will be provided to you by the nursing staff about how to care about yourself generally at home on the light of your current treatment (wound care, wound dressing, bathing, stitch removal etc).

Just before discharge from the hospital, the necessary medications in relation to the operation (e.g. pain killers, anti-inflammatory tablets etc) will be provided to you as indicated, or otherwise. An Out-patient Clinic appointment would be booked for you to see Mr. Ayoub at a later date.

Appointment Booking

At Ross Hall Hospital
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• Either call 0141 810 3151
Or book online directly

At Nuffield Glasgow Hospital
(see map here)
• Either call 0141 334 9441
• Or by email: [email protected]

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