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Arthroscopic (Keyhole) Surgery
  Arthroscopic Surgery  
What is Arthroscopic Operation?
How it is performed?
What do you expect after the operation?

Arthroscopic (Keyhole) Surgery

What is Arthroscopic Operation?
Arthroscopic (keyhole surgery), is a highly sophisticated, minimally invasive technique in which the orthopaedic specialist has the ability to examine and treat damages inside the joint by making an incision, around the size of a buttonhole in the patient's skin.

Arthroscopic Surgery (described above) has the following advantages over the ‘traditional’, Open Surgery (when the joint is cut opened):

• Less post-operative pain compared to open surgery

• It can often be performed as a Day-Surgery operation, which means that you do not have to spend the night in hospital

• Reduced risk of infection and some other complications

• Quicker healing time

• You will be able to resume into normal activities/work quicker. This is particularly useful to athletes who demand a fast recovery time

• A better cosmetic appearance.

  Arthroscopy Surgery  
How it is performed?
This has become feasible due to the advances in electronic and optic technologies. The surgeon makes a small incision (less than 10mm = 0.4 inch) in the patient skin. Then he inserts an arthroscope; a small instrument of a size of a pen which holds a light source to illuminate the joint and a tiny sophisticated High-Definition camera to capture the view from within. The sequence of video images will be transmitted to a digital monitor via an advanced fibrooptic cable. This enables the surgeon to make a thorough examination of the joint and to reach a definite diagnosis. Following this, and depending on the planned treatment, the surgeon makes further small incisions to allow other arthroscopic instruments to be inserted. The entire operation is performed while the surgical team are looking at the monitor.
  Arthroscopic Surgery of the Shoulder  

What do you expect after the operation?
You will wake up in the recovery suite.

In most cases of Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery;

• You will notice that your shoulder, arm and sometimes your hand feel heavy, numb but pain free. This is because the anaesthetist may have administered a special anaesthetic block for your shoulder to reduce your pain following the surgery (Interscalene Block). This can last up to 12-24 hours after your operation.

• Also you may notice your shoulder is big and swollen, but the fluid is slowly absorbed and the swelling decreases over the next few hours following your surgery.

• You will have small light adhesive dressings on your shoulder to cover the wounds, and a large absorbent gauze pad to soak up any leaking water from your shoulder which may lasts for 24-48 hours.

• The surgeon may have applied a sling on your arm in theatre, if not, this will be applied before you go home

  Arthroscopic Surgery of the Knee  

In most cases of Arthroscopic Knee Surgery:

• You will wake up with a bandage around your knee.

• You will have small light adhesive dressings to cover the keyhole wounds. Some leaking of water from your knee may occur which propably lasts for 24-48 hours.

• A local anaesthesia would have been injected inside the knee for pain control, after the operation

In all cases, the nursing staff will monitor you closely, which means that your operated limb will be checked along with your blood pressure, pulse and temperature. You may feel some discomfort. If so, the nursing staff will give you prescribed pain relief on request and you will also be given some to take home with you. Light refreshments will be provided. You will be guided by the physiotherapist according to the operation performed.

You can usually go home later the same day providing you are comfortable. Occasionally and for medical reasons, you may be asked to stay overnight in the hospital.

You will be given all necessary information about how to look after yourself and the operated limb. Shortly after the operation, Mr. Ayoub will see you to explain the operation, as well as the recovery plan for you.

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