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Rotator Cuff Tear
There are four tendons connecting the four muscles of the upper shoulder to the ball of the shoulder joint. They join together to form a “cuff” which enables you to lift and rotate the shoulder-– hence the name ‘Rotator Cuff’.

The cuff can get torn as a result of an acute injury (like a fall, sudden pull), or due to a rather long process of wear and tear in the tendons.

Patients are complaining of pain and weakness in the shoulder, especially in performing any activities above the head level (e.g. combing your hair, reaching up to a high shelf). Also, they have pain when they lie on their affected shoulder.

The diagnosis can be confirmed by shoulder scan, by either ultrasound or MRI scan.

Treatment options are non-operative and operative methods. Non-operative treatment includes anti-inflammatory tablets, physiotherapy and steroid injection to the shoulder. Operative treatment is recommended when the pain continues despite the above treatment, or the tear is acute and there is a noticeable weakness in the shoulder movement. The majority of these tear can be repaired using keyhole surgery. Others necessitate an Open or Mini-open procedure.

The operation can be done usually as a
Day-Surgery case. Further detailed information would be provided during the consultation with Mr. Khalid Ayoub. Back...

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