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Sports Injuries
  Sports Injuries  
Types of injuries
Khalid Ayoub’s interest in Sport
Khalid Ayoub and the Scottish Premier League (SPL)

Sport Injuries
Sports injuries" are injuries that happen when playing or exercising sports in all athletes, Professional and Recreational.

The importance of sport medicine and surgery is ever increasing. This is due to the highlighted significant impact of the sport injuries on the society for various reasons;

1. Increasing incidence of the injuries year by year as the population grows
2. Further publication of the long term complications of un-treated injuries
3. Change in the life style and living standards with more people (at all ages) are participating in recreational activities (e.g. skiing injuries, watersports etc)
4. Ever increasing competition among the athletes whether on the professional level (e.g.
    lucrative contract) or on the Amateur level (status and achievement).
5. Increasing in the volume and the cost of medical litigation

There are mainly two types of sport (work) related injuries

• Acute injuries: occur suddenly when playing or exercising (e.g. ligament rupture, tendon tear, acute tendonitis)

• Chronic injuries: happen after you play a sport or exercise for a long time (Tennis Elbow, Runners Knee etc)

The sport musculo-skeletal injuries can affect various parts of the body, as following;

A) Soft tissue injuries
1) Contusion: An injury to the soft tissue often produced by a blunt force such as a kick, fall, or blow
2) Sprain: An injury to a ligament and is often caused by a wrench or twist. Sprains often affect the ankles, knees, or wrists.
3) Strain: An injury to a muscle or tendon, and is often caused by overuse, force, or stretching.
4) Rupture: Partial, complete, avulsion

B) Chondral (Cartilage) injuries;
Articular cartilage is the layer of extremely smooth shiny white tissue covering the ends of the articulating bones. Inside the knee joint specifically, there are a pair of special cartilage which acts as shock absorbers in between the articulating bones called the Meniscus. Both of them are subject to injuries.

C) Bone Injuries:
The bone can be injured during sport. It could suffer from one traumatic episode resulting to a Traumatic Fracture. Or, the patient could have one of common chronic bone injury called Stress Fractures. It is often described as an overuse injury caused by repetitive stress on the bone by the athlete.

D) Joint Injuries:
When any joint of the limbs (e.g. knee joint) get injured by a sport, the Sport Specialist should keep his/her mind opened that any of the component of the joint tissue (mentioned in A), B), and C) above) or combination of them could be damaged.

Khalid Ayoub’s interest in Sport.
I am interested in sport activities in general terms. In the past, I used to participate in many sports like football, basketball, and Volleyball. Over the years, due to increase in other life commitments and time restrain, this has been curtailed to a certain degree. Though, I am still enjoying many sport activities like keeping fit, cycling, Tennis, table tennis and swimming. I have two teenage sons who are sharing my motivation and enthusiasm for sport.

Following my qualification as an Orthopaedic Surgeon, I had a special training in Arthroscopic (keyhole) and Sport Surgery. A sizable percentage of conditions treatable by this type of surgery are sport injuries. This in itself has created another opportunity for me to be closer to the sportsmen and sportswomen section of the community.

Over the last few years, I have being engaging more with a variety of local sport events in the community (being occasional Crowd Doctor, doctor of a match etc). Also, I have given some talk and teaching sessions in Sport Injuries and Sport Surgery to the local GP’s, medical trainees, physiotherapist and nursing staff. I have been fortunate enough to work with some energetic colleagues in my hospital and to establish a “Sport Clinic”. This has allowed us to manage most of the sport injuries in a more efficient and effective way.

Khalid Ayoub and the Scottish Premier League (SPL).
My involvement in sport has been culminated by my official engagement in the Scottish Premier League (SPL) for the session 2010-2011. I was the Club Surgeon for Hamilton Academical Football Club (Accies). With the joy of becoming closer to the SPL, it came with it the commitments and responsibilities of looking after the safety and well beings, maintaining fitness, and improve performance of competitive professional footballers.

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