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Frozen Shoulder
Frozen shoulder is an extremely painful condition associated with substantial or even total loss of the movement of the shoulder (the shoulder “freezes up”).

We commonly see this condition in people with diabetes. However, it can affect anybody following a trivial trigger event like simple injury to the shoulder joint.

What is actually happening is that the lining of the shoulder joint, known as the capsule, is normally a very flexible and elastic allowing a full range of motion of the joint. With a frozen shoulder this capsule becomes inflamed and contracted. Subsequently, the normal elasticity will be lost and replaced by stiffness. The disease commonly has three-phase course. It starts with pain, then stiffness and finally the patient will experience a gradual restoration of movement. This course may take a long time, sometimes up to two years or more.

The severity of the pain and stiffness are quite disabling and interfering with activities of daily living and sleep.

The diagnosis is made by the specialist after ruling out other causes of sever shoulder stiffness. X-ray and sometimes scans are needed for this.

Treatment with steroid injection, painkillers, anti-inflammatory tablets and physiotherapy are a common place for patients with the early and milder stage of the disease. However if this is proven to be unsuccessful, surgery is then recommended. It is offered in the form of manipulation of shoulder under general anaesthesia and arthroscopic (keyhole) release of the shoulder capsule. This is followed by an intense physiotherapy course and rehabilitation programme to maintain the result of the operation.

The operation can be done usually as a
Day-Surgery case. Further detailed information would be provided during the consultation with Mr. Khalid Ayoub. Back...

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