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Shoulder Impingement Syndrome
This is one of the most common painful conditions of the shoulder. There are various reasons but it is mainly caused by the rotator cuff tendon that gets 'trapped' beneath the acromion (an extension of the shoulder blade on the top of the shoulder). The tendon is repeatedly 'scraped' which can eventually lead to fraying of the tendon. This means that the tendon weakens and is more likely to tear.

It happens when the four tendons, that form a ‘cuff’ over the ball of the shoulder joint, become inflamed for various reasons like overuse. The tendons and soft tissue around them swells up, causing pressure and pinching (impingement) in the shoulder.

It usually affects people in their late thirties up to late sixties. Symptoms include pain on the side of the upper part of the arm (deltoid area) and weakness when lifting the arm above shoulder height. Also, the patient does experience night sleep disturbance because of pain in the shoulder when trying to lie on it.

Some patients do respond to treatment with rest, pain killers, physiotherapy, and steroid injection. Otherwise, this can be treated commonly by a keyhole surgery “arthroscopic subacromial decompression”. About 2-3 small stab incisions are made around the shoulder through which the arthroscope and other special instruments are passed. It involves shaving a section of bone from the underside of the acromion. This will widen the space around the tendons and release the pressure or pinching on them.

The operation can be done usually as a Day-Surgery case. The recovery from the operation is relatively quick. Further detailed information would be provided during the consultation with Mr. Khalid Ayoub. Back...

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