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Elbow Joint
The elbow joint is the hinge joint located in the centre of the arm. This is the place where the ends of your arm bone (humerus) and the top ends of your two forearm bones (radius and ulna) meet together. The bony projection at the rear of the joint, sometimes known as the funny bone, is the “Olecranon”. The bones of the joint are surrounded by a soft tissue cover called “the capsule”, and they are linked together by strong ligaments which stabilise the joint. The bone surfaces within the joint is covered by a smooth slippery white lining called the “Cartilage” which may become damaged during the wear & tear arthritis process.

As described earlier, the elbow joint acts as a “Hinge” joint. It’s main movements either bends or straightens the arm, but is also involved in the more complex motion of turning the hand over so the palm faces up or down. Therefore elbow joint plays an important role to position the hand allowing us to perform the activities of our daily living, work and sport.

Herebelow are some of the conditions affecting the elbow joint;

Tennis Elbow
This is a common condition among the sportsmen/sportswomen and the manual workers. The patient usually has pain and tenderness on the outer side of the elbow. There are several treatments methods for this with variable degrees of success. Occasionally, surgical treatment is needed which can be done as a Day-Surgery case. More...

Golfer Elbow
The patient with Golfer's elbow is usually complaining from pain and tenderness at the inner side of the elbow. The pain gets worse during gripping on objects. Treatment options frequently start with non-operatives methods. Operative release is sometimes needed when other methods fail. The operation can be performed as a Day-Surgery case. More...

Ulna Nerve Compression (Cubital Tunnel Syndrome)
This relatively common condition develops when one of the nerves gets trapped behind the elbow. The patient may experiences “pins & needles” and numbness in the inner half of the hand as well as the little finger (pinkie). Whence the diagnosis is confirmed by the specialist, surgical release operation is usually recommended. In most cases, this operation can be done as a Day-Surgery case. More...

Elbow Arthritis
There are various types of Arthritis of the elbow. The common symptoms are pain, stiffness and gradual reduction in the function and use of the arm. The specialist may need to arrange special tests to assess the cause and the extent of the arthritis. Then, treatment plan will be formed accordingly. More...

Pain in the back of the elbow
There are various causes for the patient to complain of pain in the back of the elbow, which are as follows; More...

Distal Biceps Tendon Rupture
This is a common injury among the sportsmen/sportswomen. It occurs when the Biceps tendon snaps away from it’s attachment in the elbow. The patient may has pain and bruising around the front of the elbow followed by a noticeable “lump” in the arm later on. This injury needs to be diagnosed and treated at an early stage. More...

Elbow Dislocation/Fracture
Fractures and dislocations around the elbow are medical emergencies. Therefore, it is strongly advisable for all these patients to attend the nearest Accident and Emergency unit for urgent assessment and treatment. More...

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